Why Green Real Estate Investors are smiling all the way to the Bank in 2012!!

Why Green Real Estate Investors are smiling all the way to the Bank in 2012!!

if you are an active real estate investor, Greenhabbing can help YOU increase your profits on every deal by…

What’s new and good with you Green Real Estate Investors and welcome back to the Greenhabbing 101 blog.  Why Green Real Estate Investors are smiling all the way to the Bank in 2012!!

It’s true!  Green Real Estate Investors are smiling all of the way to the bank because we have found a way to increase our profits on every real estate deal that we do.

Here are some examples of how Green Real Estate Investors are able to increase profits on their deals:

  • By becoming a Green Real Estate Wholesaler in your area.  You may ask, “How the heck can you be a Green Wholesaler if you are just wholesaling a property and not doing any work on it to make it green”?  That’s the question that we get asked all of the time.  As a Green Wholesaler, you are not personally doing anything to the property to make it energy efficient/healthy to live in but you are teaching/coaching your buyers on how to make the property Green.  By showing your buyers how to increase their profits on the back end by creating a high performance/detoxified green home, you are creating more value for them and can ask for a higher “finders” fee or assignment fee when wholesaling them deals
  • Learn how to be the Green Rehabber and take on fix and flips with a Green attitude head on!  The key with this strategy is to learn how to do a proper Greenhab and not overspend and get emotional about making everything green with the property.  You have to make smart business decisions and know when to say “NO”!  Remember, you are trying to make the home as energy efficient and detoxified as possible while recycling and keep expenses to a minimum to ensure you increase your profits when you sell!

  • Apply the Green rehabbing strategy to your buy and hold projects to increase the rents and decrease the monthly energy bills.  This strategy is an awesome way to increase your passive income stream significantly and assist you tenants with spending less money each month on energy bills.  Once you learn the property steps to a Greenhab, you will see how this strategy can decrease utility bills by 30-40%+ which means that your tenants are now living in a high performance property.  If they are saving $150/month on energy costs, do you think they would care if you raised rents by $80/month?  They would still be saving $70 each month at the end of the day. 

No matter what strategy you are currently implementing in your real estate investing business, there is a good chance that Wholesaling, Fix and Flip, and buy and hold are included.  As you can see above, Green Real Estate Investors make more money on these types of transactions.  What’s stopping you from adding Greenhabbing to your Real Estate Toolbelt?

If you are interested in learning more about Greenhabbing and how it can assist you with creating higher profits in your real estate investing business, email: Ryan@InTheNowInvestments.com and request a 30 minutes strategy call about how our Greenhabbing strategy can help you earn more money in 2012 and beyond!

Ryan and In The Now Investments has been able to assist over 100 investors/homeowners with decreasing their utility bills and increasing the value of their home/rehab project.

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