What your Green Home can mean to an Entire Community!

What your Green Home can mean to an Entire Community!

It all starts with just 1 green home...

What’s up Green Real Estate Investors and welcome back to another great week here at the Greenhabbing 101 blog.  Today I am going to share What Your Green Home can Mean to an Entire Community!

Here are just a few great assets of having a Green Home in your community:

  • Just 1 green home could start a new trend in your local community.  Once folks see all of the advantages that a green home has to offer, they will want to also reap the benefits of owning a green home.  Local real estate investors will also want to perform green rehabs on their projects because of the benefits to them as well
  • Green homes are appraising for more money meaning that they can really start to make an impact on the other houses around them (especially when you get 2-3 green homes on the same block.  You are basically rebuilding neighborhoods with green homes and making the community healthier and more sustainable (while keeping appraisal values up)
  • Green homes are changing lifestyles and really opening up eyes about the health benefits that a green home represents.  With a handful of green homes in your area, there will be much more emphasis on how much healthier and safer it is to live inside of green homes vs. non-green homes.  The health benefits of a green home are second to none and will start to become more noticeable as more and more green homes enter your community

These are just a few of the advantages that a green home can bring to an entire community.  Remember, once the first green home sets the standard, it’s time to snowball that into 5 and then 10 green homes just in one specific neighborhood.

If you would like to be a trend setter in your neighborhood and like to learn more about how to create healthy/high performance green homes, email: Ryan@InTheNowInvestments.com and request a 30 minute strategy call regarding the benefits of green homes and how you can start positioning yourself as the local green home expert in your market.

So what are YOU waiting for?  Take action and join the Green Rehabbing movement – be prepared to take your business and life to a whole new level!

Leave your comments and questions….what you are currently working on?  I know you have some good ideas…let’s start putting them into action NOW!!

***As always, feel free to share/retweet and comment on any articles your find somewhat educational and helpful…

PS: In The Now Investments has assisted over 75 investors with their greenhab projects in the past year alone.  If you would like more info on how to “greenhab” your own projects and save even more $$ on your green rehab, contact Ryan Burk (CEO) at Ryan@InTheNowInvestments.com

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2 Responses to What your Green Home can mean to an Entire Community!

  1. This is a great point that many people forget. Any action you take has a ripple effect, and the same is true when it comes to renovations at home. Additionally, the compounding effect of multiple green homes/buildings means a reduced load on the utility companies, thus helping to defer the potential need for construction of new power plants in the area. Thanks for pulling together these points.

  2. Matt Stookey says:

    Thanks Pete for the great comment on how important green homes really are to a community!

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