My Formula to make $1 Million Dollars as a Green Real Estate Investor

My Formula to make $1 Million Dollars as a Green Real Estate Investor

follow this simple formula and start greenhabbing your way to millions!

Hey there and welcome to another awesome Friday here at Greenhabbing 101!  Since it’s Friday I have a really cool and fun topic to discuss with you today.  It’s My Formula to make 1 million dollars as a Green Real Estate Investor!

Million Dollar Formula and True Wealth Creation:

  • Complete 1 Green Rehab Project/month that nets you at least $30,000
  • In 3 years (36 months) you will have netted over $1 Million dollars
  • Now take half  (500k) and re-invest in some Greenhabbed buy and hold properties that will be producing over 9k/month…. over 100k/yr passively!!

This is a pretty simple formula to create massive income and then passive income in your green real estate investing business.  You can use this formula even if you do not “green” up your properties.  The reason that I am using this specific formula for Green Real Estate Investors is because on each deal, Green investors have the ability to earn at least 10% higher profits which means Green real estate investors can reach the $1 Million dollar mark even sooner!!  The Green Rental properties will also be producing more income since they cost less to operate and you can charge 10% higher rents because of that.

So let’s look at the first point above about Completing just 1 Green Rehab Project/month that Nets you at least $30,000.  Now this number (30k) can either be high or low depending on your area and what your spreads are for your flip projects.  We’ve flipped homes and only made 15k and also flipped other homes that netted over 40k so it really depends on your area and what your spreads are.  However, 30k seems to be a median Net profit and you should aim for at least this amount if possible!

If you average the 30k Net profit for every green rehab flip and you average one of these sales/month then in 36 months (3 years) you will have netted over $1 Million dollars.  Not too shabby for 3 years of concentrated work as a Green Real Estate Investor!  Remember, you will be setting up your teams in the areas that you do deals so you won’t have to do the Green Rehab project yourself.  You will have contractors, wholesalers, realtors, etc. that will be a huge part of your team and will assist you with closing this many deals.  You will most likely need to be involved in 4 Green Rehab Projects at all times to ensure that you sell at least 1 completed Green Rehab Project/month.

Now that you’ve accumulated $1 Million dollars over this 3 year path by using my Formula above, what are you going to do with this cash to ensure that it keeps earning you money?  One of the best ways to do so is to purchase a Greenhabbed Rental property (or buy an old REO and greenhab yourself, then tenant it to hold).  If you could take $500k (half of your million) and re-invest it into these greenhabbed rental properties, you will be setting yourself up for long-term wealth.  You see, your $500k can be earning a 20% NET return in this real estate market.  This means that your money can earn you ~$9,000/month passively.  Can you imagine what another $100,000/year could do for you, your business and your family?

So the Formula for a Green Real Estate Investor to make $1 Million dollars is not too complicated.  If you are interested in coming up with a specific plan for you to make over $1 million dollars in your real estate investing business in the next few years, email: and request a 30 minute strategy call regarding your million dollar formula.

So what are YOU waiting for?  Take action and join the Green Rehabbing movement – be prepared to take your business and life to a whole new level!

Leave your comments and questions….what you are currently working on?  I know you have some good ideas…let’s start putting them into action NOW!!

***As always, feel free to share/retweet and comment on any articles your find somewhat educational and helpful…

PS: In The Now Investments has assisted over 60 investors with their greenhab projects in the past year alone.  If you would like more info on how to “greenhab” your own projects and save even more $$ on your green rehab, contact Ryan Burk (CEO) at

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