Here is the biggest Misconception about Green Real Estate Investing…

Here is the biggest Misconception about Green Real Estate Investing...

unfortunately, this is keeping many wanna-be green investors on the sidelines!

What’s new and good with you Green Real Estate Investor and welcome to the Greenhabbing 101 blog.  Here is the biggest Misconception about Green Real Estate Investing…

Biggest Misconception: Green Real Estate Investing costs you more money.

Unfortunately, this is what’s keeping many real estate investors from revolutionizing their business and taking it “green”.  The reason that many investors believe that green costs more is because they have either had a bad experience themselves or someone they know tried to green up a place and spent way too much.

As my loyal blog readers, you already know that Green Real Estate Investing actually makes you more money (but only when you implement it correctly).  It’s easy to over “green” any rehab project and go way over budget.  This is what is stopping many investors in their tracks from going green in their real state investing businesses.

Once you learn the right way to greenhab and implement our Green Real Estate Investing strategies, you can confidently move forward with increasing your profits on every deal. 

The key is to take massive action as always and get educated on the proper way to greenhab your next rehab project.  This way, you will not have to worry about going over budget on your green materials, etc. and can continue to greenhab all of your projects from now on (if you like increased profits, that is).

Become a leader in your local real estate market by taking Green Real Estate Investing to the next level while educating others in your area about this amazing strategy.  Talk about a great way to increase the appraisal values of homes in your local market!  What other strategy can increase appraisal value so quickly and dramatically on single family homes?

If you are interested in learning more about how Greenhabbing can revolutionize your business and increase your profits on every deal that you do from now on, email: and request a 30 minute strategy call regarding your current real estate investing strategy and how you can add Greenhabbing to your tool belt for all future deals to fatten your bank account.

Ryan and In The Now Investments has been able to assist over 100 investors/homeowners with decreasing their utility bills and increasing the value of their home/rehab project.

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