Do you have a Plan before you jump into Green Real Estate Investing?

Do you have a Plan before you jump into Green Real Estate Investing?

It’s crucial to have a plan in place before you dive head first into Greehabbing…

What’s new and good with you Green Real Estate Investors and welcome back to the Greenhabbing 101 blog.  Do you have a Plan before you jump into Green Real Estate Investing?

Here are some things you need to think about before you dive head first into Greenhabbing:

  • What is your specific strategy going to be and how can Green assist you with making more profit?  You can literally leverage our Greenhabbing strategy to create more profits in your wholesaling business, rehabbing business and your buy and hold business.  Your best bet is to add Greenhabbing to your tool belt in whichever strategy you are currently implementing to get started since you will already have familiarity with that specific niche.  Once you get that down, feel free to use these Greenhabbing tactics to tackle your next rehab or buy and hold project to increase your profits.

  • Find out the proper way to perform a green rehab if you are a rehabber and you’re looking to use Greenhabbing in your rehab business.  It’s very easy to over-green a property and spend way too much money on things that will not give you the return on investment.  Therefore, you need to understand what makes a Green Rehab project high performance and detoxified as these are the 2 major outcomes that you are seeking to attain.  High performance allows you to increase your price and detoxified is a great selling point for potential home buyers as well.

  • Get educated and find a local coach that can assist you with the green real estate investing process.  If nobody does Greenhabs in your local market, well that puts you in an awesome position to become that person!  A great place to start with your Green Real Estate Investing education is checking out our Greenhabbing Blueprint!!

The main takeaway from today’s blog is that you need to have some knowledge and an action plan before you dive head first into Green Real Estate Investing as it will save you a ton of time, energy and money!  Ask me how I know :)

If you are interested in learning more about how you can add these Green Real Estate Investing skills to your active real estate business, email: and request a 30 minute strategy call regarding how Greenhabbing can assist you with creating higher profits in your real estate investing business today!

Ryan and In The Now Investments has been able to assist over 100 investors/homeowners with decreasing their utility bills and increasing the value of their home/rehab project.

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